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The Mercury Mariner limousine is specially fitted out for limousine hire companies .

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Limousines are popular and adored because of their uniqueness and the way they stand out from ordinary cars and turn heads wherever they go. However, the new Mercury Mariner limousine is unique for green reasons and its hybrid engine can get 34/gallon on city driving, more than three times the mileage of a fully accessorised stretch Hummer limousine.

The Mercury Mariner limousine is specially fitted out for limousine hire companies and when unveiled at the LCT Eastern Conference/New England Livery Association trade show, it was popular, adored and turning heads. The unique hybrid SUV limousine made its debut into the limo hire industry and with everyone becoming more environmentally aware, the new Mariner limousine is sure to only increase in popularity.

While not the first hybrid limousine to be offered to limousine hire companies to make their fleets greener, the Mariner limousine is the first to have been manufactured specifically for use in the limo hire industry.

And even though the green limo is good for the environment, it is still good for limo hire passengers too. In a rich black gloss paint, with leather seats, laptop connector point and a deluxe business appointments package, the Mariner limousine is only US $30,200, with the added bonus of federal bonuses and tax credits for running environmentally friendly limos.

The limo hire industry has an unflattering reputation for running the biggest, most un-fuel economic cars ever built, and by further customising these limousines with extras like sound systems, TVs and full bars and disco lighting, this adds to their guzzling capacity even more.

So with pressure from every angle to go for a greener fleet, limo hire companies now have the option of the Mercury Mariner SUV limousine with all of the comfort, style and class of its more harmful cousins, but without the guilt, or the accusations of global warming.

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